Using Equities As Collateral

Most lenders will not lend money on equities as collateral for a loan. It is something that is seldom done. The usual interest rate, if someone does agree to lend on an equity, is very high. And even then, the lender will allow the cash to be spent in only a few ways. It is not a very open and easy loan. Shrouded with regulations, banks are hesitant to even consider this type of loan.

However, at Equity First, they do exactly what the name implies. They lend on equities, and they will be the first to do so. They will lend up to eighty per cent of the value of the equity, at a lower interest rate, and will not demand to know what the cash is for.

The loans are easy and quick, and you can have your working capital for emergencies or other needs in record time.
Equity First loans AU is fast, easy, convenient, and readily available! That is why Equity First is the largest of its kind in the world. With a loan to value ratio at an average of sixty per cent and a top of eighty per cent, their ratio is higher than any other. Most lenders won’t touch an equity loan because of the nature of the collateral. But Equity First is aware of the nature of the loan and what the collateral is, and it’s fine with them! In fact, they want these kinds of loans. It is their mainstay. So when you need a loan fast, call Equity First AU. for more.