Tammy Mazzocco Ventures and Conquers the Real Estate Industry

Tammy Mazzocco career as a real estate agent began in 1995. It was in this year that she got licensed to venture into the business. However, the road to success began at Edwards Realty Company, a real estate company where she worked as a secretary. In this institution, she worked together with nine other agents. The team was headed by Mike Zelnik who was a commercial realtor. Later, Tammy Mazzocco landed a position as a condominium manager at Scotland Yard Condominiums. She worked for seven years in this post, and under the advisement of Ken Cook, she took her license as an agent.

Ken Cook became instrumental to her successful entry into the business. A few years later, she left Tom yard and joined T&R Properties. In this organization, Tammy became a property manager in charge of two apartments and an office complex. In 1998, she got licensed as a personal assistant for RE/MAX producer, Joe Armani. It is from Joe that her inspiration to venture into real estate as a full career began. Today, she sells residential apartments in Franklin and several other parts of America. Click Here for Tammy’s Crunch base profile .

According to Tammy, the idea behind real estate business was inspired by a colleague. The manager encouraged her to get licensed. However, her passion for the entire industry made her encompass it into her career. A typical day for Tammy begins with meditation. This practice ensures she lightens up and powers up to face the day. She then attends to important tasks before opening her emails. Succeeding in life requires brilliant ideas. Therefore, she meets the market needs by brainstorming, research, listening and paying attention to the market. Additionally, setting goals and seeing to it that she achieves them contributes to her productivity as an entrepreneur. Tammy at LinkedIn.

For her younger self, she advice living life fearlessly and not settling. According to her, she is a bit shy. She hides this trait, however, by being friendly and talkative.

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