Sheldon Lavin: A Tycoon Of Meat Business


Mr. Sheldon is one of the famous entrepreneurs who is working hold more than four decades worth of experience in the meat industry. Sheldon Lavin is not just the Chairman but also the CEO of OSI Group and also serves as the President in a subsidiary of OSI International Foods Ltd. He also served as a Director of a globally acclaimed foundation under the name or NFW or National Fish & Wildlife. In the start of 20th century, Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant came up with an idea of a family meat market in Illinois and couple of years after his arrival in America. OSI Group Information.

In 1917, he extended his business into wholesale meat trade and then shifted to Maywood along with his family due to the expansion of his business. This company later became Otto & Sons in and after decades, Otto & Sons came up with a local reputation for providing quality meats. Learn More .

In 1973, this company started his high-volume at West Chicago about meat plant with specifically developed machines for patty-forming along with the tunnels that contain liquid nitrogen for freezing purpose. Similarly, it formed a distinct unit known as Glenmark, where it folded the business of non-McDonald companies. They were relatively small local projects like supplying the meats in different restaurants along with the few famous supermarkets. And due to its large path and utmost efforts ultimately in 2011 Forbes listed Otto & Sons as 136th largest company in whole America that has revenues of over US$3 billion. Contact with Sheldon .

Due to the demand, OSI has expanded its services into the China, Australia, Japan, Philippines, South Africa, and India. This propensity added to the considerable presence OSI Group already had in Brazil and Europe. Today, Lavin is actively pursuing further raise for OSI Group with a specific focus on Europe and Asia because he believes that these are a prosperous market and he should take the first mover advantage by offering its meat services to these continents. But the problem that he is facing there is the local meat supplier, and he is working with his team of expert to come up with a plan to rise in the presence of other competitors. for more.