Forefront Capital CEO Brad Reifler Talks Small Investors

Forefront Capital CEO Brad Reifler has bounced around the investment world for the past couple of decades. His work with investments via Forefront Capital has made him a steady hand in the market place. The recent film ‘Money Monster’, starring George Clooney, touched on how a small time investor can see their life completely ruined in the blink of an eye — thus forcing them to take drastic measures. Reifler watched the film and then decided to weigh in a little bit on what he saw, focusing primarily on the plight of the small time investor.

Reifler has always been a proponent of the small time investor and the film ‘Money Monster’ created an avenue for him to share some of his concerns regarding this level of investment. First off Reifler wanted to make sure that he pointed out just how outrageous fees are on Wall Street and how they can negatively impact these smaller time investors. Wall Street brokers charge their percentage no matter how well the client is actually doing, meaning that these brokers are getting rich regardless of their own work. Reifler believes that this is fundamentally wrong.

Secondly, citing his own family past, Reifler points out that the SEC has made it almost impossible for lower tiered investors to get the kind of access they need to proper investments. Accredited investors are given every perk that the government can offer while lower tiered and non accredited investors are forced to work their tail off just to find a way to the same kind of money. Accredited investors can invest through hedge funds, private funds, and private equity. Which leads us to our third point…

Finally, Reifler points out that reliance on the stock market for risky investors is inherently a bad idea. The stock market is volatile but most non accredited investors are forced to lean upon it, leading to crashing and burning far more often than other higher tiered investors. This has caused Reifler to launch Forefront Capital in order to help treat the smaller investors to something less risky with a focus on long term goals.  Follow Brad on Twitter @BradleyR.