Equities First- Effects on the Businesses.

Business solutions and high net-worth individuals seek perfect solutions especially dealing with Equities. Through Equities, there is the specialization of a known product to be efficient enough to supply liquidity prospects by providing attractive terms through a secure and transparent process. Through Equities, there is the unique approach to non-purpose financing alternative solutions that have produced more than 625 transactions that have resulted in positive financing options. The myriads of benefits to our clients is trading with a lower cost of capital hence provide better financing terms from the traditional form of finance trading. The main offices who hold Equities include offices in London, Perth, Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok. The essence of the equities is delivering finance arrangements tailored to individual borrower needs.

Equities help with making sure that borrowers who use stock as a Loan Collateral in their working capital. Equities as a global lender in alternative shareholder financing solutions where are more margin loans and stock-based loans in an economic climate. Lending rates have been tightened by banks and other lending institutions, while Equities have lowered lending terms. Such equity is viewed as a positive landmark and it has gained popularity as a viable alternative. Through the onset of having equities, the interest rates are variable while the borrower can expect loan-to-value ratios to be between 20 and 50 percent. Without the event of a margin call, equities have liquidated the borrower’s collateral stocks. Banks and lending institutions reiterate the fact that any form of financial transactions are associated with risk and having a strong financial background supported by equities.

The personnel who benefits from the Equity First holdings are mainly businesses and individuals who are high-risk investors. Through the equities, there is the provision of loan based prospects by evaluating any possible risks and future performances that are associated with stocks, pledges and treasuries. More than $1.4 billion have been traded since the inception of the company having more than 600 transactions from a global platform. Delivering maximum risk to our customers mainly to meet their personal and professional financial goals set. Having alternative relations is necessary for any business undertakings.

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