Desiree Perez Becomes One Of The Best Known Negotiators In The Entertainment Industry

The role of women in the entertainment industry has been expanding in recent years as leading executives including Desiree Perez take on new areas of interest and become the next generation of leaders. Within the entertainment industry, the name Desiree Perez has become known as a negotiator top executives do not wish to enter a room with as her work with Roc Nation has made her one of the most feared executives in the world.

As a member of the Roc Nation family, Desiree Perez has become a major ally to many of the top artists on the label owned by rapper, Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter; one of those who now seek the advice of Perez on a regular basis is the singer, model, and actress Rihanna. It is no coincidence the career of Rihanna has seen something of a renaissance since Desiree Perez became a major influence on almost every aspect of her career. One of the reasons for the close relationship of Perez and Rihanna is the $25 million sponsorship of the artist’s “Anti” tour by electronics giant Samsung. Perez at LinkedIn.

Desiree Perez has been one of the leading figures at SC Enterprises for more than 22 years where she has proven herself an invaluable member of the management team overseeing every aspect of the work of the business enterprises of Jay-Z. Over the course of her career as an advisor to Jay-Z, Desiree Perez has become one of the trusted few to be admitted to the Hova Circle of Influence that oversees every aspect of the work of Roc Nation. The company itself was established in 2008 with Desiree Perez negotiating a contract between Jay-Z and the Live Nation events brand for around $150 million for a ten year contract; when negotiating a distribution deal for Roc Nation with the Universal Music group, Jay-Z made Desiree Perez his trusted confidant when visiting the offices of the music publishing group. for more.