Adam Goldenberg And Don Ressler’s Company Becomes An All-Inclusive Brand


Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler began pursuing niche marketing in the fashion industry about 7 years ago, and the company they founded, JustFab became a tremendous success. That company recently had its name changed to TechStyle Fashion Group, and now they’ve rolled out fashion sizes to fit all women’s sizes. Goldenberg and Ressler don’t want their company to simply be about targeting one group of women, but instead want women of all sizes to feel “empowered” as they put it and want them to be able to wear TechStyle and Fabletics (their athletic wear subsidiary) brands and wear them proudly. Goldenberg and Ressler have always tried to market to everyone ever since they first became business partners.  Don has said as much in his Brandettes interview.


Goldenberg and Ressler met while they both worked as executives for Intermix Media, the company that became most known for founding MySpace. Goldenberg was a marketing guru ever since the middle of high school when he founded Gamer’s Alliance advertising network, a company that Intermix Media bought out in 1998. Ressler had also founded his own company, that was also bought out by Intermix Media. As leaders at Intermix Media, both had a vision of where they wanted to take the company and had plans to build a large ecommerce division within the MySpace networks. They did establish Elena Media which was becoming that popular marketing and ecommerce store, but were cut short when News Corp bought out Intermix Media and decided to do away with Goldenberg and Ressler’s company.


The two men then left Intermix Media and built their own ecommerce and business incubator brand, Intelligent Beauty. From within this company, they started launching several niche brands in health and beauty products, and began experimenting with the idea of a fashion store. They soon decided to launch an online fashion retail store that would sell trendy fashion brands to women at an affordable price, and in 2010 that company became JustFab. JustFab was popular not only with venture capital investors such as Matrix Partners, Crosscut Ventures and Passport Capital, but also had the backing of several celebrities including Kimora Lee Simmons and later Kate Hudson who now essentially runs Fabletics under their new name Techstyle, with Don Ressler.


After Don Ressler’s success in fundraising, JustFab began implementing a VIP subscription model that allowed customers to earn credits and get special deals on sales. They stuck with that model and later started implementing big data analytics and creating a high-tech system designed to point customers to their needs. This use of elaborate technology was what led Goldenberg and Ressler to rename their company to Techstyle Fashion Group.  Learn more about the man behind Techstyle on Don Ressler’s wiki.