Apartment Owner Will Not Rent to People Without Pets

There are many apartments available that won’t rent to people who have pets. Judith Gurth decided to only rent to people who have pets. According to the Federal Fair Housing Act, it isn’t illegal to choose to rent to a person regardless of whether he does or doesn’t have a pet. References, prompt payment, or how quiet you are as a tenant mean absolutely nothing to Gurth who owned the apartment complex for 40 years according to Beneful.

If a person wants to rent an apartment from Judith Gurth, they better have a pet. Dogs, 2 maxium, need to be vaccinated and quiet. Cats, 3 maximum, need to be neutered. Ms Gurth’s 12-unit apartment house in Southern, California ,comes with new wall-to-wall carpeting that’ll cost $100 a month extra rent until the carpeting is paid off, in a year’s time, and becomes the property of the renter.

Many of Judy Gurth’s tenants lived there for over ten years. Should any of her tenant’s pets die, Gurth is happy to escort tenants to an animal shelter to purchase a new pet. Ms. Gurth is a very helpful landlord. Mary Rickettshas moved into the North Hollywood apartment complex 25 years ago. Having trouble getting up the steps, Gurth asked the building manager to move Rickettshas into a ground floor patio apartment while Gurth and Rickettshas had lunch, a movie, and a dinner together.

Americans Believe That Wealth Distribution Is Unfair

A surprisingly strong number of Americans believe that the wealth distribution in the country is unfair and not working for them. When surveyed, some 63% of Americans said that they believed that the wealth distribution in the country is unfair according to Gallup.com.

This number has come as a bit of a surprise to some who have watched the unemployment numbers come down. They had some belief that as this number came down that perhaps there would be more who would embrace the idea that the wealth is being distributed fairly. However, this has not turned out to be the case. It seems that people are still not pleased with the way that they are being paid.

Those who feel this way may have a good point. Despite the fact that productivity and demands on the job have been on the rise, the pay has not increased. It has not kept pace or hardly increased at all. This is one good reason to see why some would believe that the people would start to feel as though they are not being treated fairly on the open market.

Despite some good economic news, the number of people who are homeless and in poverty is still on the rise. Skout thinks it is a strange situation in which the economy seems to be improving, but the people in it do not seem to be seeing the results of these improvements.

Anonymous Donor Pays Landslide Victim’s $360,00 Mortgage

If you read the news daily, you could be forgiven if you think the world seems to be a cold, hard place populated by terrible people. Yet, if you look more closely, there are many people who are kind, loving and giving, and who just want to make the world a better place. One such person is an anonymous donor who just paid off a $360,000 mortgage for a man he does not even know. A man whose house was destroyed and his wife killed in the Snohomish County’s Highway 530 landslide.

The story starts when Tim Ward and his wife Brandy were at home on March 22, 2014 — the day of the landslide. When it hit, the house collapsed and both Tim and Brandy were trapped in the remains of the house under tons of rubble. Tim survived, but with a broken pelvis. Brandy died instantly.

Paul Mathieson said that a year later, one thing Tim Ward has left is his dog Blue, who was also trapped in the wreckage and had to have a leg amputated. The only other thing of any value he still has? A mortgage for $360,00 for a house that no longer exists.

Tim, like any honest person, had been working with a special cases unit to try to come up with a solution to pay the $360,000 he owed, but it was not looking good.

Then a miracle happened. Tim Ward’s case was talked about during the one year anniversary of the landslide news coverage, and an anonymous donor saw it. He contacted JPMorgan Chase and told them he wanted to be the person to pay off Tim Ward’s mortgage. All $360,000 of it. He wanted to pay it, however, with the understanding he would remain anonymous, and that is what he did.

So the next time you watch the news and it all seems so hopeless, think about Tim Ward’s anonymous benefactor. Someone who was so kind he just wanted to help a fellow human being in trouble, yet with no expectation of any recognition or reward.

New Rules Reveal Bank’s Fears

Most large banks around the world want their customers to stop using cash and other forms of “money” that are not electronic. Most governments want this as well, but the public continues to love to use physical cash to pay for various types of transactions from good purchases to bill payments. As a result, countries continue to print physical cash and around the world people continue to exchange other types of materials for money, such as jewelry and precious metals.

There are problems with the cash system. Sam Tabar thinks governments have difficulty tracking cash-based illegal activities. Additionally, electronic systems offer better tracking for chargeback, refund and other purposes.

On Monday, April 20, many news outlets began to discuss how Chase bank sent its deposit box customers a notice that the bank will no longer allow storage of cash unless it’s a collectible item in the bank’s boxes. In March, Chase started restricting the use of cash by borrowers on a variety of loans, including mortgages, credit cards, auto loans and home equity loans.

Many critics of these bank policies have pointed out that Chase is merely pushing its agenda to limit cash use because when people use cash they often keep some at home and that money does not flow into the economy, or earn interest, until they spend it. Traditional banks are also seeing too much competition from online transaction companies like PayPal.

A Company Owner Sets a New Minimum Wage Of 70,000

Dan Price, the founder of Gravity Payments, shocked his employees on Monday. This was after he announced a new minimum wage of $70,000 for all the employees working in his company.

The news was received with cheers and clapping by his 120 staff members some of whom will see their salaries doubling. With this new directive, even the lowest paid clerk in the company will be receiving a salary not lower than $70,000.

Mr. Price said that a recent article he had read, about happiness, was what inspired him to make the salary changes. The article suggested that people who earn a salary of below $70,000 would do well with some extra money.

Christian Broda (linkedin.com) has learned that these changes will however have no effect on costs for the customers. Mr. Price is set to reduce his own salary to 70,000 and use close to 85% of the projected profit in this year, to cover for the costs.

The ratio between what top company officials earn to what the least paid employees earn is very huge especially in the United States. There have been calls to reduce this ratio, including legislation, but Mr. Price is the first person who has acted on this.

Exactly what Mr. Price hoped to achieve, some employees have declared their happiness following their salary increases. Phillip Akhavan in particular, earning $43, 000, declared that it would make a huge difference in his life.

Gloria Vale Harbors a Perfect Society

Gloria Vale, New Zealand, harbors a society which deems itself perfect. The community of about 500 members is in total isolation from the ‘evil world outside’. The children wear blue uniforms. The adults have very strict rules too, as women have to wear white bibs and long dresses. The families are large, with 12 children or more, since the sect bans birth-control pills.

A family of 14 has recently left the Christian secluded community of Gloria Vale. The fact became a big news because it is like stepping in a new world for the people who had not used internet and have never worn the ordinary clothes before. They declared that the reason was ‘a life in a false system’. The people who found out sooner about the family of 14 leaving Gloria Vale donated furniture and clothes to help the newcomers integrate in the new life. Very few families had left the community before, and they were not allowed to communicate with the members who were still left there.

Susan McGalla said this was founded in 1969, the religious group of Gloria Vale is led by Neville Cooper. The leader never comments on families leaving the group. Peter Righteous, the spokesman of the community said that if people did not want the life offered there, they were free to choose another one.

How To Find The Perfect Place In New York City

If you’ve always wanted to move to New York city and now is finally the time, then it is definitely time for you to start getting your things in order to prepare for the big city life. New York is known for it’s Wall Street and it’s fashion stores but the city has so much more to offer. For one the weather is actually consistently very cold which makes dressing up in large thick garments something you can do everyday, and if you are a fashion lover and want to check out all the new pieces, everything is always within reach. In order to find a good place to rent in New York city, it is good to explore your option. Town Real Estate is your best bet to finding an affordable place to rent that is going to best suit your needs.

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The Dorchester Collection Offers Luxury Suites At 5 Star Hotels

The Dorchester Collection is known world-wide for their fabulous group of luxury hotels. There are few hotels that are able to match the exquisite 5 star luxury hotels in Europe and the USA. The hotels are in elegant settings that offer their guests a glimpse into the beauty and luxury that is defined by a stay at a Dorchester Collection 5 star hotel. The Dorchester Collection is destined to remain one of the top hotel chains in the world. Favored by high profile people, politicians, stars, and those that prefer luxury hotels with character.

The Dorchester Collection headquarters is located in London, England. The hotel chain was founded back in 1996. Currently The Dorchester Collection manages 10 luxury hotels across the globe. However, they are constantly searching for more luxury hotels to add to their collection. Every hotel in their management shares similar qualities that guest really love. They offer exquisite guest experience that is uniquely a part of the Dorchester Collection. Their well trained and talented staff offer a wonderful experience that is long lasting.

People all over the world recognize that the Dorchester offers the best in good living, charm, and elegance. Certainly, each hotel managed by Dorchester has their own special unique charm. Every hotel has their own special charm, unique architecture, artistry, and decor. Each hotel offers guests a fabulous dining experience in an elegant dinning room. Meals are provided by some of the best chefs in the world. Guest really enjoy relaxing in the elegantly designed spa’s that offer them a chance to simply relax and enjoy the experience in a lavish setting.

The Dorchester Collection is dedicated to providing the ultimate luxury experience to all their guests. Experience the luxury of one of the hotels in their collection, while you enjoy the beautiful surroundings in the city. It is a winning combination for the guest and the Dorchester Collection.

20 Years and $15 Billion to Repair LA’s Water Pipes

Authorities in Los Angeles warned that the repair and strengthening of the city water system of the would require an investment of about 15 billion dollars, and could also take some two decades to complete.

“The full review of the city water system could take about 20 years and would be one of the most expensive investments in infrastructure in the history of California ” said sources in the Department of Water and Power (DWP).

Reliance made the estimate in response to the proposal submitted by the mayor Eric Garcetti, who has called for strengthening the water system in Los Angeles to become earthquake-proof.

The projected cost, presented in an internal report of DWP, is estimated to be $15 billion.

Also, Marc Sparks says that the company warned that the rehabilitation of the water system would represent markedly higher bills in water bills for residents and businesses in Los Angeles.

In recent months, several water pipes burst, causing serious damage and loss to residents, because millions of liters of water gushed out before controlling the leak. Experts have said that a lot of equipment, many with decades of operation, need to be replaced, which would represent a huge investment in infrastructure.

The infrastructure of the water distribution system is “the main vulnerability that we face in Southern California,” said seismologist Lucy Jones.

The repair of the water system include developing water reserves, strengthening the Los Angeles Aqueduct and the replacement of large portions of more than seven thousand kilometers of pipelines in Los Angeles.

Tiny Homes for the Homeless

Across the United States there is an overwhelming amount of homeless people. With our land being so rich, it is hard to understand how we have so many who are so poor they have no shelter. The homeless population in Madison, Wisconsin grew after the Wall Street protests in 2011. A nonprofit crowd funding campaign called Occupy Madison decided to help in a unique way to give fortunate homeless residents something they have dreamed of for a long time.

At 98 square feet total for a living area, the houses are small. The residents that get to live in them are so full of gratitude, that it is inspiring people across the globe. The homes are insulated and warm, with efficient heaters inside. They are part of a small “village” of houses gathered together. All of them are built on wheels so they can be moved anywhere. There is a building off of them where the house residents can shower and use the bathroom. The cost to build each tiny house is just $4,000.00. The cost for each person getting to live in them is free. A requirement to live there is a contribution to the construction of the home. The program is similar to that of Habitat for Humanity. Each resident must work a minimum of 500 hours to qualify.

One homeless man named Gene Cox was living in his van before he got his tiny house as a Vimeo video of him shows. He became emotional when asked about it, saying he is grateful for a home that is warm. The cold winters of Wisconsin make night temperatures drop. He had to start his van up every two hours or so at night to have heat to avoid freezing. This made sleep very difficult. Now he can sleep all through the night and not have to worry anymore. There have been requests across the country by other homeless people wanting a home just like Gene Cox. Many are hoping the movement for tiny houses for the homeless will spread until everyone in our nation finally has a place to go home to.