Financial Analyst Sam Tabar Kicks Off 2015 With Top Investment Tips

As 2015 continues to start off with a bang, prominent attorney and capital strategist Sam Tabar took the time to share some of his top investment tips on how to make 2015, as well as the years ahead, financially sound. Every year Americans incorporate financial betterment into their New Years Resolutions. Tabar’s advice is designed to help newcomers to the actually put those resolutions into concrete, actionable items when it comes to their investment portfolios.

Tabar’s expert tips shared a wealth of his knowledge and advice. He began by cautioning against looking to beef up portfolios with commodity trading, stating that these types of investments are more risky than traditional investments like mutual funds. He reasoned that since commodity markets aren’t as stable as mutual funds or stock markets, a great deal of research is absolutely key before settling on commodity trading.

Tabar’s recommendations for 2015 included looking at investments in private businesses as a another viable alternative to stock markets. He stated that with the growth of new business and social startups on the rise, there are a plethora of opportunities to make money through wise investments, while also helping others. Tabar stated in his article that he had recently invested in a socially conscious women’s undergarment manufacturer called THINX. For every undergarment sold, THINX donates seven sanitary cloth pads to AFRIpads, that in turn donate the sanitary supplies to women in Africa whom might otherwise not receive the needed supplies.

The press release also stated Tabar’s emphasis on the importance of having a diversified portfolio. He stated that exciting new investments and high-performing stocks often take center stage, but having many eggs in many baskets was sound advice he would give anyone looking to invest. The best advice he had for new investors was to start investing now, citing the fact that many people in their retirement years look back and wish they had started invested sooner.

Inspiring Wise Leader Visionary Descriptions of Dr Vijay Eswaran

Dr. Vijay Eswaran, born of Indian decent, has had, and continues to have, a great impact on the world. Co-founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies, has a list of impressive awards for his business savvy as well as his philanthropic efforts. His uniqueness stems from his personal adventurous nature and deep seated beliefs and practices that grounds both his personal and professional life. He became a world traveler due to his father’s work in the Malaysian Ministry of Labour, so he could see the plight of mankind in many parts of Malaysia. His travels took him to London and he received a socio-economic degree from the London School of Economics in 1984.

Vijay Eswaran had hitchhiked from London to Greece after receiving his degree. This quest, he says, had a profound impact on him. From his time in Perugia, Italy studying with Franciscan monks in Assisi, he embraced their spiritual teachings and learned the value of simplicity, discipline, and dedication. He became a lay monk, and through his practice, developed tranquility and peace in silence. He calls this event life-altering and took time to evaluate his priorities. His personal belief and practices are imparted to others through his publications as well as his business coaching and inspirational speaking.

After graduating, Vijay Eswaran decided to work at odd jobs, including construction in Belgium, picking grapes in France and as a cab driving in London. He next became qualified in marketing through Chartered Institute of Management Accountants in the United Kingdom and a Masters of Business Administration from Southern Illinois University in 1986. Vijay was introduced to binary marketing in London and was involved in multilevel marketing part-time while working with Synaptics. Synaptics is a company that produces touchpads and touchscreens for companies including Acer, Apple, Dell, Gateway, Hewitt Packard, and Sony, to name a few. His positions with the various companies in Europe, Australia, Canada and the US gave him knowledge and experience for his entrepreneurial pursuits. In 1998 Dr. Vijay Eswarans co-founded what now is QI Group of Companies after returning to Malaysian.

The QI Group of Companies is multinational with a customer base of over five million people in nearly 160 countries world-wide. QI has subsidiaries in nearly 30 countries and regional offices in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. Dr. Eswaran is also a motivational speaker, lecturer at leading management and business leadership forums including the World Economic Forum, and a philanthropist. The Rhythm Foundation, QI’s Corporate Social Responsibility arm has a Malaysian chapter named in honor of his father. Through this effort, his projects offer mentoring to children and youth, special education, and women empowerment projects.

Inspiring, wise, leader, visionary are some descriptors of Dr. Vijay Eswaran. Author, philanthropic, and philosopher are some you can add. Not only is Dr. Eswara a man to be admired, but one who can lead others to great success.

The Totally Amazing “Vijay Eswaran”

Dr. Vijay Eswaran, the executive chairman and co-founder of the QI Group of Companies, is known for being a spectacular motivational speaker, being the winner of the best CEO award, and for being a prominent philanthropist. The QI Group was founded in 1998, and it is an e-commerce based conglomerate. This business include a diversified combination of telecommunications, direct sales, retail, logistics, property development, education, luxury, collectibles, lifestyle and leisure, and conference and training management businesses.

Dr. Vijay Eswaren completed his college education, and beyond from leading universities within the USA and the UK. His track record is very impressive because he has been working for fortune 500 companies like IBM, by possessing highly responsible positions within the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe. All of this experience and education led him to acquire great expertise, and all of this preceded his return to Asia in the early 90s to become an entrepreneur.

So in 1998, he led an extraordinary team of individuals who were like-minded, in finding a training and direct selling company that is now a multi-business conglomerate called the QI Group. This amazing organization has regional offices located in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Also, this amazing organization has made an extraordinary presence in approximately 30 countries throughout a huge range of subsidiary companies.

And that’s not all in describing the greatness of Dr. Eswaran: As mentioned before, he is also a well known and profound motivational speaker, and he is the winner of the best CEO award. He lectures globally on different important subject matter that ranges from spirituality to business. He spoke at the Commonwealth Business Forums that are located at CHOGM; leadership, business, and management forums, such as several World Economic events; and at leading universities. Also, the award for the best CEO was called the “CEO of the Year 2013″. This is the Malaysian Business Award (MBA), that was awarded on November 8, 2013, by the Asean Business Advisory Council Malaysia.

And lastly, even though Dr. Eswaran is an extraordinary CEO and co-founder of a well known and huge organization globally, he still cares about the state of humanity, and gives back to society. With that said, he’s a prominent philanthropist. With establishing the RYTHM Foundation, he is involved in tons of global philanthropic activities. In Malaysia, he created the RF’s local chapter, which is the Vijayaratnam Foundation that is create in his Father’s honor. This foundation works with different local charitable organizations and NGOs on various projects for special education, youth development, women empowerment, and child mentoring. His reaching out to help others are so amazing that he has recently been recognized in Forbes Asia’s annual list of Heros of Philanthropy, and was awarded the lifetime achievement award in Regional Philanthropy at the 3rd World Chinese Economic Forum.

Vizionaries: Mark Ahn, PhD

The best way to make smart decisions about your investments is to keep an eye on leaders of industry. I’ve decided to start featuring these people in my new Vizionaries series. The first person is a leader in the biotech and education industries: Mark Ahn of Oregon.

Mark Ahn, Ph.D is an individual who not only impresses with his many talents, he also amazes us with his skills and background. He is currently Principal at Pakuana Partners, Ltd. This company offers and provides strategic consulting to life science companies. Dr. Ahn has a 20 year career that ranges from small and large biopharmaceutical companies and academia. Recently he served as Director of Galena Biopharma. He also served as President & Chief Executive Officer at Hana Biosciences. He has many impressive leadership abilities that shine through along with his many talents. Dr. Ahn has served in the US Army and has held positions that require top responsibility. This is an impressive man who has many talents and is highly qualified to lead. This prominent biotech industry executive does have a background that is filled with noteworthy positions and should be duly noted and acknowledged.

The following is a sample of his experiences:
*President & CEO
*Vice President, Hematology
*Senior Director, immunology
*General Manager
Dr Ahn is a professor that evokes admiration. His professional profile is more than impressive because he has so many talents to offer. He is one motivated and admired leader and has an above average intelligence level.

He Excels
It does not seem to matter what his current endeavor may be because Mark Ahn has shown that he will excel in everything that he undertakes. He has so much to offer because he has a knack for discovering solutions.

Adding educating to his long list of accomplishments should be done as well. Mark Ahn is an author too. He has written over 50 journal articles and books. These are peer reviewed. This is an individual who offers real-world solutions and educates those around him.

Discovering and Developing
The role of President & CEO is responsible for discovering, and developing, and commercializing innovative therapies. This is how Mark Ahn seems to view this role because as president of Galena Biopharma he is focused on innovative therapies that address major unmet medical needs. This is done using bio therapeutics. Dr. Mark Ahn really does has his passions to offer the world of biotech startups.

Christian Broda Discusses What It Takes to Start Hedge Fund

Many aspiring and career-minded professionals working in the financial industry have the desire to start their own hedge fund. Some of the top names in the industry who have gone on to become leading executives at the most reputable investment firms in the country got their roots by starting their own hedge fund and working hard to make that fund a success. Christian Broda is a nationally recognized economist working out of New York City, and he has published numerous articles and papers on a wide range of economic topics, such as the economic stimulus of 2008. Broda has provided some insight on what it takes to establish your first hedge fund, and you may discover from his advice and tips that you want to move forward with starting your own fund.

Capital From Investors
You simply will not have a hedge fund at all if you do not have funds to invest. Some hedge fund investors have utilized their own financial resources in order to establish their fund and to prove their ability to generate results. This is one option available to you, but it can be risky to use your own funds. Broda suggests that you complete the leg work of attracting and wooing investors. While this can take time and effort, it will minimize your risk associated with establishing the fund significantly.

A Strong Infrastructure
In addition to investors who are willing to provide you with funding for your hedge fund, you will also need to create a great infrastructure for your fund. Ideally, you will have professional office space to run your fund out of. While you could run your fund out of your home, you may have a better time attracting and retaining investors if you create a professional office environment. In addition, think about hiring the analysts and traders that may be needed to facilitate your management of the fund, and reach out to a lawyer or legal consultant to discuss retaining services. Finally, a stock broker service provider will be critical in executing the trades for your fund.

While Broda has simplified the steps associated with establishing a new hedge fund, it is important that each point noted by him receives your property attention with research and analysis. Once established, you will want to take every step possible to make thoughtful, informed decisions about trades so that you can grow your hedge fund to be a profitable success.

For more information, see his official website and Twitter profile.