The Dorchester Collection Offers Luxury Suites At 5 Star Hotels

The Dorchester Collection is known world-wide for their fabulous group of luxury hotels. There are few hotels that are able to match the exquisite 5 star luxury hotels in Europe and the USA. The hotels are in elegant settings that offer their guests a glimpse into the beauty and luxury that is defined by a stay at a Dorchester Collection 5 star hotel. The Dorchester Collection is destined to remain one of the top hotel chains in the world. Favored by high profile people, politicians, stars, and those that prefer luxury hotels with character.

The Dorchester Collection headquarters is located in London, England. The hotel chain was founded back in 1996. Currently The Dorchester Collection manages 10 luxury hotels across the globe. However, they are constantly searching for more luxury hotels to add to their collection. Every hotel in their management shares similar qualities that guest really love. They offer exquisite guest experience that is uniquely a part of the Dorchester Collection. Their well trained and talented staff offer a wonderful experience that is long lasting.

People all over the world recognize that the Dorchester offers the best in good living, charm, and elegance. Certainly, each hotel managed by Dorchester has their own special unique charm. Every hotel has their own special charm, unique architecture, artistry, and decor. Each hotel offers guests a fabulous dining experience in an elegant dinning room. Meals are provided by some of the best chefs in the world. Guest really enjoy relaxing in the elegantly designed spa’s that offer them a chance to simply relax and enjoy the experience in a lavish setting.

The Dorchester Collection is dedicated to providing the ultimate luxury experience to all their guests. Experience the luxury of one of the hotels in their collection, while you enjoy the beautiful surroundings in the city. It is a winning combination for the guest and the Dorchester Collection.

20 Years and $15 Billion to Repair LA’s Water Pipes

Authorities in Los Angeles warned that the repair and strengthening of the city water system of the would require an investment of about 15 billion dollars, and could also take some two decades to complete.

“The full review of the city water system could take about 20 years and would be one of the most expensive investments in infrastructure in the history of California ” said sources in the Department of Water and Power (DWP).

Reliance made the estimate in response to the proposal submitted by the mayor Eric Garcetti, who has called for strengthening the water system in Los Angeles to become earthquake-proof.

The projected cost, presented in an internal report of DWP, is estimated to be $15 billion.

Also, Marc Sparks says that the company warned that the rehabilitation of the water system would represent markedly higher bills in water bills for residents and businesses in Los Angeles.

In recent months, several water pipes burst, causing serious damage and loss to residents, because millions of liters of water gushed out before controlling the leak. Experts have said that a lot of equipment, many with decades of operation, need to be replaced, which would represent a huge investment in infrastructure.

The infrastructure of the water distribution system is “the main vulnerability that we face in Southern California,” said seismologist Lucy Jones.

The repair of the water system include developing water reserves, strengthening the Los Angeles Aqueduct and the replacement of large portions of more than seven thousand kilometers of pipelines in Los Angeles.

Tiny Homes for the Homeless

Across the United States there is an overwhelming amount of homeless people. With our land being so rich, it is hard to understand how we have so many who are so poor they have no shelter. The homeless population in Madison, Wisconsin grew after the Wall Street protests in 2011. A nonprofit crowd funding campaign called Occupy Madison decided to help in a unique way to give fortunate homeless residents something they have dreamed of for a long time.

At 98 square feet total for a living area, the houses are small. The residents that get to live in them are so full of gratitude, that it is inspiring people across the globe. The homes are insulated and warm, with efficient heaters inside. They are part of a small “village” of houses gathered together. All of them are built on wheels so they can be moved anywhere. There is a building off of them where the house residents can shower and use the bathroom. The cost to build each tiny house is just $4,000.00. The cost for each person getting to live in them is free. A requirement to live there is a contribution to the construction of the home. The program is similar to that of Habitat for Humanity. Each resident must work a minimum of 500 hours to qualify.

One homeless man named Gene Cox was living in his van before he got his tiny house as a Vimeo video of him shows. He became emotional when asked about it, saying he is grateful for a home that is warm. The cold winters of Wisconsin make night temperatures drop. He had to start his van up every two hours or so at night to have heat to avoid freezing. This made sleep very difficult. Now he can sleep all through the night and not have to worry anymore. There have been requests across the country by other homeless people wanting a home just like Gene Cox. Many are hoping the movement for tiny houses for the homeless will spread until everyone in our nation finally has a place to go home to.

Did Your Apartment Complex and Get Slapped with a $10k Fine

If you want to impede bad reviews about your rental property, just include a “Social Media Addendum” to your leasing contract. Although it would never hold up in a court of law, one Central Florida apartment complex has intimidated its tenants by including this clause in their leases. Say something negative about their property and they can fine you $10,000.

According to the Al Hokair Group in Windermere Cay Apartments, located in upper-income Windermere, FL, was tired of receiving bad reviews about their complex. Saying that there was a growing trend of tenants posting unreliable and false reviews in order to have a leg to stand on when negotiating lower rent amounts, the management decided to include a clause the tenants would have to sign. This gave the copyrights to all photos and reviews the tenants post, to the owners of the apartments. In addition,the $10K fine was to be payable within 10 days of notice.

One suave tenant, who obviously thoroughly read his contract, refused to sign the addendum, and they still rented to him. Not that he has anything good or bad to say about his apartment or the management, it’s the principal of it. If a tenant say, takes an Instagram photo from within the property, or even their own apartment, the company would essentially own the rights to that picture, or any other taken from within the property. The anonymous tenant said, when it came time to renew his lease, the addendum was again presented for his signature, which he again refused to sign.

When the apartment manager was contacted about this lease clause, an email reply was sent, indicating that the addendum was introduced by a previous partner and was not supported or used by the current partners or management. No response to follow-up questions has been received.

How Skout App is Changing The Way We Meet New Friends

Skout is an company that made an IOS app under its name to help people meet people, and that is free to download from the apple App Store. It has been around for quite some time now growing in the dark with no promotions or advertisement pushing users towards it. The app makers finally thought it was ready to tackle the advertising world and began buying ad time in the Facebook ads program to get the word out on Skout, and how it is changing the way we meet new friends.

What makes Skout special is that it’s a new model of a social network that is designed to introduce people to each other and help them make new friends, post pictures, and share information with each other. Anybody can sign up to the app by either logging in through facebook or simply creating an account using your e-mail. Filling out the profile is the next step and it is very easy and doesn’t take long at all. You simply fill a little profile about yourself, age, school, and interests. By filling out your profile accurately, you increase the chances to only make friends with people who have your similarities and interests.

When you start using Skout, you are looking at a grid like screen displaying profile pictures of people you might be interested in meeting. You can check out people’s profiles and wink at them to show interest, send them a message, or request to become their friend. Bringing up someone’s profile will display their basic information, hobbies, and their interests. You can even send people a virtual gift which could be symbolic to a real gift. The people displayed online in the grid are the only users who are currently online, which increases your chances to striking a conversation without wasting a lot of time e-mailing back and forth.

Using the Skout app system requires points earned throughout the app doing various activities. The points can be earned and spent regularly to meet new people and send out gifts and other. Skout is a growing social network that is approaching the whole social experience from a different angle. If you want to try something fun and meet new people, be sure to check out the app and download it. It can take a couple of days to build your profile, but once you’re done its totally worth using.

Americans Are Still Struggling With Student Loan Debt


Student-Loan Delinquencies Grew In 2014

There’s something about student loans that latently irks people. After all, why do Americans have to pay for a college education anyway? The American business environment revolves around college completion. Some people who chose to work instead of going to college usually struggle to get a job unless they are skilled in a certain profession.

The latent annoying quality that is inherent in student loans is getting stronger. In the last quarter of 2014, over 11 percent of student loans were delinquent by 90 days or more. That figure is slightly higher than previous quarters. The interesting point is other types of debt are shrinking without an increase in delinquencies, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

The Feds say the delinquencies are the result of higher student loan borrowing. Not only are more people borrowing, but they are also borrowing more money noted AnastasiaDate. There was a 92 percent increase in borrowers between 2004 and 2014. The average balance is around $14,000, but 4 percent of borrowers owe more than $100,000; 39 percent owe less than $10,000.

But the real question is why do borrowers pay other debts on time and drag their feet when it student loan payment time? The answer has to be that icky feeling about a nationwide college rip-off.


Igor Cornelsen: A Living Legend in the Investment World

When investing, some investors wait for that psychic nudge that prods them to invest in a particular entity. However, psychic nudges come from doing research. The amount of time investors spend researching is proportionate to the validity of psychic nudges.

According to Igor Cornelson, research is the key that unlocks the door to successful investing.

As a leader in investing in global economies, Igor Cornelson enjoys leading others to the path of successful investing. Like turning the pages of an investment encyclopedia, he opens his reservoir of knowledge for others to pick and choose what they want to know.

When investing in a foreign country, he believes it’s important to become familiar with that country. This means learning the rules and regulations that pertain to investing. For example, learn tax systems, learn the levels of difficulty for laws that deal with foreign investors, and learn about the flexibility of their labor market.

These will differ from the investor’s status quo, but, if they want to make money, investors must learn to invest within the guidelines of a particular country.

In addition, perspective investors should learn the foreign currency regulations of the country. They must know the monetary exchange rates from country to country.

Cornelsen believes investors should know and understand the citizens of the country where they plan to invest. If possible, they should move to the country, or at least visit it. While there, they should meet the locals who invest and become their friends. It’ll surprise them what they learn by talking to other investors.

From country to country people are still people, and likes attract likes. Ask them for an investment tip. They can’t do any more than say they no.

Many investors want to build a retirement fund. For them, Cornelsen suggests diversification. Put some money into a 401K account, preferably one where the employer puts in matching funds.

Cornelsen reminds people that investing is a long-term process. They should plan to invest for as long as they work. However, if they desire, there’s nothing wrong with keeping a reserve lump sum to invest in a single company. If their research shows it’s a good investment.

After a fairy-tale-like career as an investment banker, and an advisor for Brazilian banks, Cornelson retired to South Florida. Now, investing is a hobby.

Christopher Cowdray Manages Luxury

Christopher Cowdray is the CEO of The Dorchester Collection. He manages a wide range of luxury hotels around America and Europe. He has been with the company quite some time, and he has been able to turn his hotels into places that people want to go. These hotels are more than just nice buildings because they are destinations that anyone can look forward to seeing.

The Stay

When you go to one of the hotels managed by Mr. Cowdray, you will notice that they are the height of luxury. Everything about these properties is nice, and everything about the stay is couched in customer service. You will learn that people can do things for you at these hotels, and the staff are trained to offer nothing but great customer service.

The Apartments

These luxury hotels are more than just hotels that you can stay in. They have become beautiful places where affluent people can live. You could purchase an apartment in one of his hotels to live a new lifestyle in the hotel. You will have access to all the services that are offered by the hotel, but you will own the apartment that you live in. Think of your apartment as a destination that other people can aspire to when they come to visit you.

When you are thinking of taking a luxury vacation or purchasing a luxury apartment, you cannot forget about the beautiful buildings in the Dorchester Collection. Christopher Cowdray has given his life’s work to making sure that these hotels are the best in the world, and you will be able to take advantage of his vision when you are cloaked in luxury and style. He has turned his buildings into palaces, and you must partake in them so that you can say you stayed with the Dorchester Collection.



Vermont City Running on Renewable Energy


In the city of Burlington a local utility has been methodically changing how it generates power for some 40,000 residents. In the small Vermont city there has been a shift towards renewable energy sources that is now making headlines for reaching a milestone in American utilities history. Burlington Electric now produces the cities power using one hundred percent renewable energy sources. They have done this over the course of five years without much change to the amount residents must pay. This has not only maintained pricing but will also save the city millions long term. Burlington Electric shifted the way they get energy to a portfolio that includes wind, water, and biomass energy production. The main reason they were able to achieve one hundred percent renewable energy is from the acquisition of a hydro electric plant and the purchasing of power from a renewable energy source located in neighboring Maine. Regardless of where the renewable power is coming from, this is the first American city to run completely on renewable energy. BMG’s Marcio Alaor commented on Otempo Economia that he is hopeful that by using this city as a model, other cities across the country will follow suit and slowly expand their portfolio into renewable realms.

Jonathan Veitch: A College President who Reaches into Communities

Jonathan Veitch runs Oxy in a way that a lot of others could learn from.  Making the school infinitely more profitable, and also making it a place that now features soaring attendance, you just can’t believe how far this school has come.  Making it an ideal investment for those looking for opportunities in education.

With a bachelor’s degree from Stanford, a doctorate from Harvard, and past dean of New Schools Eugene Lang College, Jonathan Veitch became president of Occidental College in 2009. Nestled in Eagle Rock, in northeast Los Angeles, Occidental is a 125 year old liberal arts college boasting that President Barrack Obama attended the school for two years.

However, although attendance increases each year, the trend of the school was in the wrong direction.

The off-campus parties in quiet neighborhoods and all-night parties at fraternities and sororities upset Eagle Rock citizens.

As Occidentals fourth president in five years, Veitch’s reputation of repairing relationships between college campuses and communities preceded him. With Occidental, he needed that experience.

Shortly before his arrival, Occidental officials informed Eagle Rock city administrators that the college intended to embark on a 20 year building program. With more students on campus, Occidental needed additional classroom space, more dormitories and off-campus housing, and parking space.

These plans added to an already pressurized situation between the college and the community.

For Eagle Rock, the extensive renovation foreshadowed problems. Foremost was the concern that a larger campus in a residential area meant more partying, more vehicles, less parking space, and loss of the residential atmosphere.

When Veitch heard the city’s concerns, he defused the situation by putting on hold plans for the extensive rebuilding program. At the present time, Occidental would only remodel buildings that were on campus.

Veitch then made it a priority to work with Eagle Rock administrators by listening to their needs and concerns, and they returned the favor. The result is a cooperative society of two diverse groups that respects each other’s needs.

At the college level, Veitch appointed an assistant dean of civic engagements. Through this position Occidental provides tutors for area high schools, and helps the schools provide better nutritional programs.

As cooperation grows, both parties profit from the association.

And you thought that all college presidents do is play school.